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Civil Rights Lawyers in Ann Arbor, MI - Washtenaw County USA

Ann Arbor has been a leading civil rights law hub for many years.

Throughout the County of Washtenaw Michigan there are several practicing civil rights lawyers and advocacy groups. With a strong liberal base, Ann Arbor has attracted some of the world’s greatest and most compassionate Civil Rights Lawyers.

If your looking for a civil right lawyer in Ann Arbor, we can only hope it is because your case will be heard in Ann Arbor MI. Washtenaw County boasts some of the most knowledgeable Judges concerning these matters anywhere under US Law. Your comfort and peace of mind will come down to making a good choice for a civil liberties lawyer, and Washtenaw County is sure to have the right council for your needs.

Choosing the right person or firm is important, so we have listed several different lawyers all based in either Ann Arbor or within the County. Finding a lawyer may involve multiple consultations until you find the right person or persons. Civil Liberty Attorneys are often very passionate about their work, so spend an hour with at least two different counselors or maybe even three counselors before making a decision.

Some lawyers offer free initial consultations. Some may not, so be sure to ask what the cost is before the initial visit.